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Duo cash in on online vision

A couple who left well-paid consultancy jobs to sell contact lenses online have sold out to a larger rival., set up in 2008 by husband and wife Mitesh Patel and Olga Nuryaeva, has been bought by GrandVision. The price has not been disclosed.

Last year Lenstore had sales of £1.5m and it expects to report £10m this year. It has about 150,000 customers. “We decided contact lens wearers needed the option to buy in stores as well as online,” said Patel.

Last year Vision Express, which is owned by France’s GrandVision, reported sales of £280m and a 6% rise in profits to £16.4m. It aims to open 60 stores and create 700 jobs next year.

Patel and Nuryaeva will continue to operate the company from offices in Wimbledon, southwest London.

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